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Transform Your Life By Becoming

A Firing Iron Listing/Selling Agent


  • Empower Yourself With The Ability To Leverage Your Life Experience.  We’ll teach you how to turn your experience into a profitable business.
  • Discover the 1 Thing That Hugely Successful Business Owners Know But You Don’t (It’s A Lot Simpler Then You Think)

  • Future Proof Your Lifetime Knowledge So That You Can Continue To Profit From It Years From Now

  • Find Out How You Can Achieve Financial Independence Quicker Than You Ever Thought Possible

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Here’s what you get as a Firing Iron Agent!

  • You’ll Attend The Online Firing Iron Certification Training

  • You’ll Have A Dedicated Certified Firing Iron Trainer. They Will Provide You With Ongoing Support. Your Success Is Their Success!

  • You’ll Have Access To The Firing Iron Equipment Listing Site. From That Site You’ll List Equipment And Be Able To Sell And Find Buyers For All Equipment Listings

  • You’ll Have The Opportunity To Build Your Own Firing Iron Team. That Will Give You The Potential To Earn Additional Commissions From Their Listings And Sales

  • You’ll Receive The Firing Iron Identity Package That Includes Your Own Personalized Email Address, And You Gain Access To The Firing Iron Swag Store

Here are The 3 Core Principles On Which…   Firing Iron Is Built

Firing Iron Delivers Bigger Dollars For Equipment Sellers…

Firing Iron Helps Increase Money That The Sellers Keep By A Large Margin

  • Equipment Sellers will net more money from the sale of their equipment because they won’t have the expense of moving their equipment to a equipment sales yard.

  • Firing Iron has Listing/Selling agents covering the United States and Canada. Sellers will have access to a network of FI Listing/Selling Agents that will find a buyer for their equipment.

  • Equipment Sellers will have a dedicated FI Listing Agent helping them find a buyer that’s willing to pay a fair price for their equipment. This is the Firing Iron no pressure sales advantage.

Firing Iron Leverages Your Knowledge And Life Experience.

Firing Iron wants people that will use their knowledge and life experience to succeed

  • FI Lister/Sellers represents a huge cross section of industries from real-estate agents, heavy duty mechanics and even accountants.

  • FI can offer expert advice to potential equipment buyers from industry experts.

  • FI Lister/Sellers can build a local or national team of Listing/Selling agents. Everyone prospers.

Firing Iron Offers You Multiple Ways To Earn.

From the day you commit to take the Firing Iron Certification Training You Can Start Earning.

  • FI on day 1 allows you to start to build your own FI team. You can participate in revenue share while you build your team

  • FI allows you to list and post equipment on our site. You’ll earn commissions when another FI Lister/Seller finds a buyer for your listing

  • FI allows you to find buyers for other FI Lister/Selling Agents equipment listings. You’ll earn commissions when that occurs

  • FI covers the U.S and Canada. If one of your clients is looking for a rare piece of equipment you’ll be able to source it through our vast network and both you and the FI Listing Agent that finds that rare piece of equipment will earn a commissions


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