Jim Armitage
British Columbia, Broker
Listing/Buying Agent

Born in SK…followed dad and his drill bit business around AB and SK before settling in Red Deer in 1961 to start school…tragically, he was killed that fall…four years later my transition from being a dumb city kid who knew nothing about cattle feeding/farming changed when my mother married into a family run cattle feeding business…so grateful for that experience…many life principles learned on the farm…mom was killed four years later…life happens when you are making other plans…coached hockey in Red Deer for 14 years…was a real estate investor in Red Deer for 15 years…I was both a participant and facilitator for Strategic Coach for 12 years…moved to the Okanagan in 2008…was a licensed realtor in AB and BC for 10 years…live in Kelowna with Bella, my 14 year old 4-legged girlfriend…avid participant in the world of CrossFit…equally avid participant in the sport known in the Okanagan as wine tasting…I’ll have a big red please and thank you!!!…own and operate Sassy Shoes here in Kelowna…been blessed to be included in Marc Aubin’s vision called Firing Iron, a disruptive concept giving a different experience in the world of equipment trading…I live by Proctor’s philosophy…change is inevitable, personal growth is a choice…

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