Mike Horn
Listing/Buying Agent
Red Deer, AB

I was born and raised on the farm in southwest Saskatcheewan. Farmed now for over 30 years.

In 1987 met my wife Patti in church – three years later we got married – 2 boys later and one daughter-in-law we are very proud of. Good family times are ahead with the family growing up and adding on to us. Saw the good times and the tough times on the farm. Through that all we have been blessed in many ways.

Kinda’ been through it all. Started up and ran a hydroponic greenhouse selling tomatoes and cucumbers in the community to stores and restaurants . Moved to Alberta in 1999. Got my plumbing ticket in 2007. Then went into construction and pipefitting for a number of years.

Finished farming in 2011. Came to Firing Iron through my wife who is a buyers agent with the company. Really enjoying going out to meet people and bring their machinery on line. Let me know if you are looking to list your equipment.

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